A Christmas Story Shot

Behind The Bar For January 2015

A Christmas Story ShotHappy New Year!

It’s the start of another year of the “Behind The Bar” project here on the blog.  This post will be updated during the month of January 2015 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Smith House – 1.1.2015
    Gentleman Jack x 3
    Went to dinner at the Smith’s to celebrate New Year’s Day and to watch some football. Finished off Mom’s bottle of Gentlemen Jack – will have to buy her a new one the next time I go to the liquor store.
  2. Home Sweet Home – 1.3.2015
    Miller Lite x 2
    Had a couple of beers with a late lunch / early dinner. Getting settled in the new house. Still lots to do but pumped to be in!
  3. Home Sweet Home – 1.4.2015
    Miller Lite
    Just one with dinner.
  4. Rusty Bucket (Solon) – 1.10.2015
    Great Lake’s Christmas Ale
    Went to the Rusty Bucket to meet cousin Lisa’s daughter Mia who they’d just adopted. Getting late in the season for Christmas Ale but it’s still good this year.
  5. Marko’s House – 1.11.2015
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Went to M & M’s for dinner before Mom & Dad go to Florida for the rest of the winter. The kids (and Mark) went in the hot tub. I did not. Whiskey trumps hot tub.
  6. Brad’s House – 1.12.2015
    Great Lake’s Christmas Ale
    Went to Brad’s house to watch the National Championship game between Ohio State and Oregon. Ohio State had 4 turnovers and STILL put a whoppin on them!
  7. Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 1.14.2015
    Three Philosophers, Souther Tier Porter, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Went to the Lizard the other night to grab a quick drink before getting G from basketball. Casey, Brad OB where there. I ended up starting the 2015 World Tour.
  8. Home Sweet Home – 1.17.2015
    Breckenridge Christmas Ale / Miller Lite
    Had Mom & Dad over for dinner as they are getting ready to go to Florida for a couple of months. They brought Donato’s over and I supplied the beer 🙂
  9. Home Sweet Home – 1.18.2015
    Breckenridge Christmas Ale / Miller Lite
    Watched the AFC & NFC Championship games… couldn’t do that without beer could I? This day last year Brad and I were at the Lizard ALL day drinking / watching the games. Good times.
  10. Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 1.21.2015
    Thirsty Dog Rise Mayan 16, Vedett 14oz, North Coast Winter Ale 16, Boulevard Tank 7 Pint, Bells Two Hearted 16
    At the Lizard for our montly “Annex Night” which doesn’t seem to be at the Annex much any more… and I’m actually OK with that. Got to knock off a few more off the World Tour – 9 down!
  11. Ruby Tuesday – 1.23.2015
    Sam Adams Winter Lager
    After a long day and week, we took the boys to Ruby’s for dinner. I needed a beer… and it hit the spot.
  12. Home Sweet Home – 1.25.2015
    Ommegang Three Philosophers, Miller Lite
    Marko & family came over for dinner and to watch the Royal Rumble. Gotta get ready for the Beeramid!
  13. Home Sweet Home – 1.30.2015
    Breckenridge Christmas Ale
    Long week. Had a beer with dinner… it was needed.
  14. TGI Fridays – 1.31.2015
    Samuel Adams Cold Snap x 2
    Took C & L to Fridays for dinner while G was at a birthday party.

14 out of 31 days (45.16%)

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