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This blog is all about a fat man trying to get skinny.  OK, maybe not skinny but back “in shape”.  It’s not really intended for anyone other than my own personal weight loss journal, but I love it when people read, comment and share my stuff.

My History
I was a competitive swimmer for about 18 years.  I grew up with age group swimming and swam competitively all the way through high school.  I was a better than average swimmer who even went to the Ohio State Swimming Championships twice.

I’ve always been “big boned” and a little on the “husky” side.  Yes, I wore husky pants when I was a kid and my nickname growing up was “Doughboy”.  I always thought that was a pretty cool nickname but looking back on it now I realize it kind of sucked.  It might as well have been “Fatboy”.

Anyhow, back to swimming.  When you swim nearly 8 miles a day you can eat just about anything you want and not gain an ounce.  I would eat after practice in the morning, eat a mid morning snack, lunch, a late afternoon snack, a post practice meal (Ramen noodles in the shower… don’t ask), dinner and a snack before bed.  And I was LEAN.  Not quite a 6-pack, but you could definitely see abs.

Fast forward to college where I’d fucked up my shoulder and was no longer swimming.  When you stop swimming 8 miles a day and start drinking 8 beers a day the waistline is going to suffer.  That started my long battle with the bulge.

Over the years since college, my weight has been on a steady upward swing topping out at around 240.  I’ve done various diets with limited success (I lost 30 lbs on Atkins) but I always come back to my “normalized” weight at around 238.  That sucks… and I’m trying to change it.

I’m a web guy by nature and I’ve had various blogs over the years about my challenges with my weight.  Those posts have all been migrated here and are included in the categories Old Talkflop Posts and Old WordPress Posts.  So… if you’re interested in the history of my challenges that’s a good place to start.

I’ve been asked a couple of times how I came up with the name of this blog and what it means. You can find that answer here: What Is ‘Prime Verdict’?

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