It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything here.  But that’s certainly not because I’ve given up. In fact, I’ve been doing quite well on the weight loss front.  About 3 months back I started doing Weight Watchers and I’ve been very successful!  I’ve lost (and kept off) nearly 15 pounds.  When I started I Continue reading “”

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So the wife and I are starting the Digest Diet today.  Honestly I’m not really sure how we’ve come to this point.  Amanda swears that it was my idea, and I suppose there was a part of me that was interested in trying it.  That said, I’m a firm believer in sticking with stuff that’s Continue reading “”

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I started posting on this blog about my weight loss to keep myself accountable.  That’s not to suggest that anyone is reading this drivel, but just as accountability is key to success when quitting dip, I strongly believe that it will work for me here as well. The last couple of days I haven’t been Continue reading “”

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So I got through the first day of this new “thing” yesterday with pretty decent success (all things considered).  Had a carb-free day with the exception of 2 drinks with dinner (Jack Daniel’s on the rocks with olives… my favorite).  I typically don’t drink during the week but I had a board meeting for work Continue reading “”

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I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time now.  As of last night, I’ve got a plan in place to fix it.  Now that I’ve got a definitive plan I’m very optimistic about the potential for success.  I weighed 227.0 this morning and I’m hoping that if I stick to what I’ve laid Continue reading “”

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Stomach is still really bothering me this morning. Not sure why. However, I have GREAT news… down 6 lbs from last week! I can’t even tell you how nervous I was to get on the scale this morning. Was a complete relief to see that 2-2-5. It’s GREAT to see some positive progress. BREAKFAST: none Continue reading “”

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Welcome to weird logic Friday folks!!! If you’ve been following along you’ll see what a disaster this week has been as a start of a new diet/lifestyle. 3 days out of the week starting at the McDonald’s drive through is NOT the recipe for success. That being said, I’m super optimistic today. When I woke Continue reading “”

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