April 17, 2021

Behind The Bar For October 2014

Yuengling At Canal ParkI love beer. Love it. And whiskey. Cause whiskey is awesome.  Hell, come to think of it, I’m a big fan of most liquid libations. I started a project last year where I kept track of  the amount and frequency of my drinking.  I’m calling that project “Behind The Bar”. This post will be updated during the month of October 2014 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.  Stay tuned!

  1. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 10.1.2014
    Beer / Jack Daniel’s / Patron
    Went to the Lizard for a big night. Finished off my World Tour and we celebrated 6 years dip free for Brad. Only a couple of beers and a couple of shots, and was home before midnight.
  2. Home – 10.9.2014
    Great Lakes Oktoberfest
    Today was 3,000 days free from dip. The boys cracked a beer to help me celebrate.
  3. Home – 10.10.2014
    Miller Lite
    Had one with dinner.
  4. The Pit / First Energy Stadium – 10.13.2014
    Crown Royal / Miller Lite
    Went tailgating before the Browns / Steelers game. The guys were down there at 8:00 so I had quite a bit of “catching up” to do when I got there at 11:30. Crown & lots of quick Miller Lite and I was all caught up.
  5. Home – 10.16.2014
    Pomme Lambic
    This one had been sitting in the pantry for about 8 years since Dan Lucky brought it over to a Christmas party we had. Was much better than I thought it’d be this many years later.
  6. Home – 10.18.2014
    Great Lakes Oktoberfest
    Just one during dinner.
  7. Home – 10.19.2014
    Great Lakes Oktoberfest / Miller Lite
    Had a couple of beers throughout the day while watching the Brown’s game.
  8. Zeppe’s Pizza (Hudson) – 10.20.2014
    Jack Daniel’s
    Went to Zeppe’s to celebrate Melissa’s birthday. Not looking forward to the upcoming move.
  9. Home – 10.26.2014
    Miller Lite x3
    Packing up the house all day… needed a few beers.
  10. Smith’s House – 10.27.2014
    Miller Lite x3
    Spent the entire day moving / packing. So sore its not even funny. Needed beer.  It helped… a little.  Sad to be leaving Timothy lane, but looking forward to the future.
  11. Marko’s / Smith House – 10.31.2014
    Beers / Perfect Manhattan / Knob Creek
    Went to Marko’s for trick-or-treat with the kids. A Perfect Manhattan with Dad before we went out and a few beers for the road as we were out and about in the rain.  A small Knob Creek back at Smith’s to finish off the night.

11 out of 31 days (35.48%)

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