BREAKFAST: sausage McMuffin no egg x4 Diet Pepsi I’ve really dug myself a hole for the week now.  I just couldn’t pass up on the McDonald’s this morning.  No excuse.  Knew how dumb it was when I pulled in.  Was hungry and late leaving the house so I couldn’t grab something at home.  Dumb dumb Continue reading “”

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BREAKFAST: a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese coffee It was a beautiful morning and we ate out on the patio. This summer has been so beautiful. We didn’t have one day over 90 in the month of July. The last couple of weeks have actually felt like a warm fall… it’s been great! LUNCH: Continue reading “”

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Stomach is still really bothering me this morning. Not sure why. However, I have GREAT news… down 6 lbs from last week! I can’t even tell you how nervous I was to get on the scale this morning. Was a complete relief to see that 2-2-5. It’s GREAT to see some positive progress. BREAKFAST: none Continue reading “”

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Was tired as hell this AM. Had to be at work for a 7:30 AM meeting which wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that the Indians have a 12:05 PM game today and the parking was a bitch… irritating. We had planned on going to the Lake Erie Captains game tonight but Continue reading “”

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Felt pretty good this morning. Went to the gym before work with no thought of stopping for breakfast on the way in. I’ve got a 7:30 meeting tomorrow so I won’t be working out before that and we’re going to the Captain’s (minor league baseball) game tomorrow evening so there won’t be any physical activity Continue reading “”

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So I went to see The Dark Knight last night — incredible! I wanted to be home to put the boys to bed before I went to the flick so I went to a 9:50 PM show. Normally that wouldn’t have been an issue, but The Dark Knight is about two and a half hours Continue reading “”

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Being a HUGE swimming fan the “best” part of the Olympic games are officially over for me. I tell you, that Phelps kid can swim huh? You think he practices much? Not sure if anyone saw it but there was a story on the Olympic coverage about how much he eats… something on the order Continue reading “”

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BREAKFAST: none LUNCH: cobb salad – (lettuce, black olive, egg, tomato, chicken, bacon) diet Pepsi DINNER: turkey & spinach omelet water SNACKS: handful of peanuts trail mix WORKOUT: 18 holes on the golf course walk pushing the boys Had a good day today. Didn’t have any “bad” snacks and was out of the course getting Continue reading “”

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BREAKFAST: bowl of cereal with milk two pancakes with syrup water LUNCH: tuna salad on lettuce water fried rice pickles This was the “get rid of everything in the fridge” lunch. DINNER: Enchiladas Super Rancheros from El Campesino Talk about a bad dinner choice. Had some super bad heartburn after dinner for the rest of Continue reading “”

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Welcome to weird logic Friday folks!!! If you’ve been following along you’ll see what a disaster this week has been as a start of a new diet/lifestyle. 3 days out of the week starting at the McDonald’s drive through is NOT the recipe for success. That being said, I’m super optimistic today. When I woke Continue reading “”

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BREAKFAST: sausage McMuffin with no egg x 4 diet Coke Dumbass. Why is it that I simply cannot drive past McD’s in the morning? I’m starting to think that I actually SHOULD eat something in the morning before I leave for work… at least then maybe I wouldn’t be tempted by HUNGER to turn into Continue reading “”

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Last night I wasn’t feeling all that great. It wasn’t acid reflux exactly but my arms and legs were “tingling”. That’s probably not a great word to describe it either. It almost felt like they were “cold”. Was pretty weird. Felt fine getting up this AM though (other than the fact that it was super Continue reading “”

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