Sunday 8/24/08


  • a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese
  • coffee

It was a beautiful morning and we ate out on the patio. This summer has been so beautiful. We didn’t have one day over 90 in the month of July. The last couple of weeks have actually felt like a warm fall… it’s been great!

  • corned beef sandwich
  • diet Pepsi
  • water
  • pickles

Went to the Chicago Deli this afternoon for lunch. Had my standard corned beef sandwich which was awesome as usual. I probably should have passed on the bread but I decided to have a treat. I’m starting to think that the corned beef is triggering my heartburn though… I hate to say that but after two times in a row having a bit of heartburn afterward I’m not sure that I can come to another conclusion.


  • a couple of small pieces of cold pizza (Donatos thin crust)

  • went for a walk through the Metro Parks with Amanda and the boys.

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