Monday 8/18/08 – Another Week Begins

Being a HUGE swimming fan the “best” part of the Olympic games are officially over for me. I tell you, that Phelps kid can swim huh? You think he practices much? Not sure if anyone saw it but there was a story on the Olympic coverage about how much he eats… something on the order of 15,000 calories a DAY!!! And he can’t break 200 lbs. Amazing. Gave a big ol “FU” to McDonald’s on the way to work today. Sitting here writing and the stomach is grumbling a bit but I’m not going to snack. Might grab a cup of coffee though… yummy.

  • none

Was planning on eating something this AM but was pretty late getting out of the house. Not a big loss as long as I don’t snack (which I won’t).

  • seafood salad from Subway (lettuce, spinach, yellow peppers, black olives, pickles, light mayo)
  • fountain diet Pepsi

Even with $5 foot long subs at Subway I really don’t think you can get more for your money than the Subway salads.

  • buffalo chicken breasts
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • water

  • almonds
  • grande house blend from Starbucks
  • 2 double cheeseburgers (no bun)
  • 1 crispy chicken (no bun)
  • buttered popcorn
  • diet Pepsi

  • cut grass

Pretty good day eating wise. Love them salads at Subway. With the exception of the popcorn it was a relatively carb-free day. I simply cannot go to the movies without eating popcorn (and on Monday’s it’s free to boot!)
Had some BRUTAL heartburn on the way to the movie last night.  Not sure exactly what it was… might have been the burgers on the way home but I kind of doubt it.  The only thing that I’ve not had before was the chicken.  Will have to keep an eye on that the next time I eat it.

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