I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I didn’t stop on the way home from work (which is rare) and I was pretty pumped.  For dinner I had a couple of pieces of leftover pizza and I made the boys and I some flank steak cause Amanda Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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BREAKFAST: a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese coffee It was a beautiful morning and we ate out on the patio. This summer has been so beautiful. We didn’t have one day over 90 in the month of July. The last couple of weeks have actually felt like a warm fall… it’s been great! LUNCH: Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I went to see The Dark Knight last night — incredible! I wanted to be home to put the boys to bed before I went to the flick so I went to a 9:50 PM show. Normally that wouldn’t have been an issue, but The Dark Knight is about two and a half hours Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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BREAKFAST: bowl of cereal with milk two pancakes with syrup water LUNCH: tuna salad on lettuce water fried rice pickles This was the “get rid of everything in the fridge” lunch. DINNER: Enchiladas Super Rancheros from El Campesino Talk about a bad dinner choice. Had some super bad heartburn after dinner for the rest of Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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As I said in my last post I’m going to use this blog as a diet diary and a tracking method to keep track of what I’m eating.  I’m playing with the format of the posts a bit, but I think I’ll do something like this. BREAKFAST: nothing Never have been a big breakfast fan… Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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Not sure why but I was having a brutal bit of acid reflux yesterday. Being an admitted hypochondriac, I of course starting thinking the worst. I tell you, when I get like this it’s like I’m just waiting to die. This obviously is a TERRIBLE way to go through life (especially with an awesome wife Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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