If you’ve been following along, you know this has been a pretty long (and to this point) and rather sad journey. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So have I. And I fancy myself a pretty analytics guy who tends to lay things out and makes a ton Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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The Wife has been telling me for quite some time that I need to have a plan. I need to have goals. I need to have something concrete in place. She’s absolutely right. If you look back at recent posts the lowest I’ve been is 237. Today I’m 241 (Yesterday to be exact… I didn’t Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I got on the scale today… and it wasn’t good. But it wasn’t a surprise either. I had my first drink of the month on Thursday when I went out to dinner with a client and then went to watch the Browns game with some friends. I then followed that up with more drinks Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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If I look back over this last year of weight loss, I have to be relatively happy.  I’m actually a couple of pounds heavier than I was say in June of 2012 but I’m WAY better off than I was in October 2012.  I’ve lost, and kept off, 10 lbs since earlier this year, though I Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I didn’t get around to writing yesterday for a couple or reasons.  First and most importantly, I felt like shit.  I’m battling a NASTY sinus infection that has not only given me pink eye in both eyes, but has now completely blocked up my right ear.  At this point (the third day of the Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So the wife and I are starting the Digest Diet today.  Honestly I’m not really sure how we’ve come to this point.  Amanda swears that it was my idea, and I suppose there was a part of me that was interested in trying it.  That said, I’m a firm believer in sticking with stuff that’s Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I’m sitting here toward the end of the night after a good day on the low-carb front.  No cheating, no beer or booze and the wife had a nice healthy dinner waiting for me when I got home (home made chicken tacos which I ate without a shell).  I’m realizing that I’m cautiously optimistic Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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238.  That’s what the scale said this morning.  Fuck me.  Luckily I’m not in the 240+ range, but this is too damn close.  The goal (at this point) is to be sub-200.  Gonna take me quite some time to get there I imagine, but I’m primed and ready to go. First step is to get Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I’m fat… and I’m going to do something about it.  Going to go on a low carb diet.  Will keep track here for all to see.  Had poached egg for breakfast… no luch yet… check back tomorrow.  My heartburn has REALLY been bothering me the last couple of days.  I’m super stressed with a Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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