Wednesday – 8/20/08 – Hump Day

Felt pretty good this morning. Went to the gym before work with no thought of stopping for breakfast on the way in. I’ve got a 7:30 meeting tomorrow so I won’t be working out before that and we’re going to the Captain’s (minor league baseball) game tomorrow evening so there won’t be any physical activity tomorrow… needed to get it in today.

  • none

  • chicken wings (12) from the Winking Lizard
  • Caesar salad
  • diet Coke

Today was “lunch at the Office” – we watched the very first episode… hilarious.

  • salad (lettuce, yellow peppers, tomato, olive, onion)
  • mushrooms stuffed with cheese & clams
  • meatballs x 3
  • Miller Lite
  • water

We went to dinner with the boys at the Olive Garden.

  • coffee x2
  • Miller Lite x3

  • 2.5 miles on the elliptical (408 calories burned). Did the “hill” course.

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