I was not surprised to see the number on the scale this AM.  Since my last post I’ve had a couple of really rough days on the diet front: Thursday – post work drinks / dinner with a buddy at the Winking Lizard Friday – birthday celebration for my sister-in-law Saturday – wedding for my Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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Being down 4.5 lbs is always a good thing, but I know that I’ve got some weight challenges on the horizon.  This evening for example, I’m going to the Annex for our monthly tweet up.  In all likelihood I won’t be eating there this evening, but even if I stick to say 2 beers (which Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So the wife and I are starting the Digest Diet today.  Honestly I’m not really sure how we’ve come to this point.  Amanda swears that it was my idea, and I suppose there was a part of me that was interested in trying it.  That said, I’m a firm believer in sticking with stuff that’s Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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As you can see, my weight will fluxuate quite a bit from day to day (plus or minus a pound or two).  Wednesday night I went to the Lizard and had a couple of beers toward the tour and 6 wings.  While wings are certainly not on any diet, I’ve cut down my typical 12 Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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Got the numbers going back in the right direction this AM.  It was a rough couple of days and at this point I don’t think I’ve got much in the immediate future in terms of potential pitfalls for the diet. Looking to really kick it into high gear between now and then time I go Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So as I’d alluded to previously, I had a night out with a client/friend last night which included dinner and drinks while watching the Browns game.  I’d actually forgotten that prior to that, I also had a happy hour scheduled with another client.  So… yesterday was probably not the best day from a diet perspective.  Between Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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As in last night’s post, I had a good feeling about getting on the scale this morning.  Seeing that 233.5 (down 4.5 lbs) is more of what I was expecting when I started this diet.  I’m in this for the long haul so I really don’t care how quickly I take it off, but it is Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I’m sitting here toward the end of the night after a good day on the low-carb front.  No cheating, no beer or booze and the wife had a nice healthy dinner waiting for me when I got home (home made chicken tacos which I ate without a shell).  I’m realizing that I’m cautiously optimistic Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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So I got through the first day of this new “thing” yesterday with pretty decent success (all things considered).  Had a carb-free day with the exception of 2 drinks with dinner (Jack Daniel’s on the rocks with olives… my favorite).  I typically don’t drink during the week but I had a board meeting for work Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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238.  That’s what the scale said this morning.  Fuck me.  Luckily I’m not in the 240+ range, but this is too damn close.  The goal (at this point) is to be sub-200.  Gonna take me quite some time to get there I imagine, but I’m primed and ready to go. First step is to get Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time now.  As of last night, I’ve got a plan in place to fix it.  Now that I’ve got a definitive plan I’m very optimistic about the potential for success.  I weighed 227.0 this morning and I’m hoping that if I stick to what I’ve laid Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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Being a HUGE swimming fan the “best” part of the Olympic games are officially over for me. I tell you, that Phelps kid can swim huh? You think he practices much? Not sure if anyone saw it but there was a story on the Olympic coverage about how much he eats… something on the order Continue reading “https://www.primeverdict.com/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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