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Behind The Bar For June 2014

CD Player Beer HolderI love beer. Love it. And whiskey. Cause whiskey is awesome. I started a project last year where I kept track of  the amount and frequency of my drinking.  I’m calling that project “Behind The Bar”. This post will be updated during the month of June 2014 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.  Stay tuned!

  1. Home Sweet Home – 6.1.2014
    Yuengling & Miller Lite
    Celebrated G’s birthday a day early with a party for the family. Beer… all day.
  2. Rusty Bucket Solon – 6.2.2014
    Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
    Went out to dinner for G’s birthday at the Bucket (his choice).  Been drinking a lot lately so stuck with one beer.
  3. Home Sweet Home – 6.3.2014
    Maker’s Mark
    No real reason other than a rough day. One Maker’s started out neat and then added ice. Great way to end a rough day.
  4. Chuck E. Cheese’s – 6.6.2014
    Bud Light x 3
    G celebrated his birthday with 13 of his closest friends with a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Luckily they had beer.  Actually this wasn’t too bad. They set up and cleaned up and the kids had a blast. Ironically, I had my 8th birthday party with the Mouse too!
  5. Mark & Meagan’s – 6.7.2014
    Perfect Manhattans & Margarita
    Went to M&M’s to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Beautiful evening.  Kids played in the hot tub, played some corn hole in the front yard with the boys.
  6. Barrington Golf Club – 6.8.2014
    Jack Daniel’s / Merlot
    Had lunch at Barrington to celebrate Madilynn’s baptism.  Was POURING rain going into the church but brightened up nicely in the afternoon.  I had no intention of drinking today, but Wife had a wine so I figured I’d celebrate as well!
  7. The Annex – 6.11.2014
    Beer / Shots
    Had the first Annex Tweetup since November 2013!  Got together with a great group and had a good time.  First Annex burger in months with a couple of beers and a shot for good measure. Home by midnight sober.
  8. Burntwood Tavern (Solon) – 6.13.2014
    Jack Daniel’s x mucho
    Went to Burntwood to kick of the Solon High School Class of 1994 20 year reunion festivities with an informal get together.  Had about 30 or so of our classmates there and had an awesome time catching up. Made the wise choice of drinking Jack on the rocks all night without eating. Hammered.  But not as much as Jim DelTorto who had to be carried out before the ambulance was called.  Hilarious.
  9. Society Lounge – 6.14.2014
    The Vauter x 4
    20 year reunion!  Went down to Society which is owned by classmate Harley Magden and had a wonderful time.  They’d made up a special drink menu named after Solon “stuff” including The Vauter (bourbon), The Kotora, The Commons, Senior Lock Out, etc.  Drinks were outstanding, but not large or strong so I ended up driving home stone cold sober. Amazing night.
  10. Sherbrook Lake – 6.15.2014
    Miller Lite x 3
    Went to the lake to have our traditional Father’s Day celebration with both families. So much fun as always and the weather was absolutely perfect. Great day.
  11. Home Sweet Home – 6.20.2014
    Cleveland Whiskey
    Arrived home on Friday after a long week and Wife had the booze waiting for both of us. Nice evening at home with the boys was just what the doctor ordered after this week.
  12. Winking Lizard (Cleveland) / Progressive Field – 6.21.2014
    Went to the game with Mark and Phil.  Had a couple of beers at the Lizard before hand and then a couple at the game.  Great game, but lost in the 10th when Tito thought it’d be a good idea to pitch to Cabrera with a base open. Stupid.
  13. Home Sweet Home – 6.22.2014
    Perfect Manhattan
    Celebrated the beginning of the summer with our annual Summer Solstice campfire.  Let the boys stay up until it was completely dark (around 10:00) and roasted marshmallows on the fire.
  14. Smith & Wollensky (Columbus) – 6.26.2014
    Jack Daniel’s x 2 / Beer x 2
    Was down to Columbus for a workshop all day on Thursday.  Afterword they had a happy hour(s) for attendees.  Might have had the best filet I’ve ever had in my life for lunch.  Yum!
  15. Water’s Edge Restaurant (Michigan City, IN) – 6.27.2014
    Jack Daniel’s x 2
    In Michigan City with the family celebrating Gramp’s 90th birthday.
  16. Heston Supper Club (LaPorte, IN) – 6.28.2014
    Jack Daniel’s x 2
    With the family celebrating Gramp’s 90th birthday.

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