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Behind The Bar For December 2013

Behind The BarI love beer. Love it.

And whiskey. Cause whiskey is awesome.

I’m also a big fan of red wine but don’t drink it all that often.  And therein lies the point of this post.

I’m starting a project here on the blog where I’m going to keep track of  the amount and frequency of my drinking.  I’m thinking it will be rather interesting as the months go on.

This post will be updated during the month of December 2013 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.  Stay tuned!

  1. Melt Bar & Grilled (Independence) – 12.6.2013
    Fat Head Holly Jolly Christmas Ale – x 2
    Took the kids to the Polar Express at the CVSR and stopped at Melt beforehand for dinner.  Was my first time at that location and it was everything I hoped it would be.  Paired my Fish & Puppies (I only ate half) with a couple of Fat Head’s version of Christmas Ale.  Loved it.
  2. West End Bistro & Bar (Chagrin Falls) – 12.7.2013
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Wife and I went out to dinner at West End (first time there).  I had a pretty silly Braised Short Rib dish and paired it with this Cab.
  3. The Reserve Restaurant And Bar (Kalahari) – 12.8.2013
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale – x 2
    Took the kids up to Kalahari for a random / quick trip away.  Went to the water park all afternoon Sunday and then hit The Reserve for a late dinner.  After a long day, those Christmas ales were simply… glorious. 
  4. The Winking Lizard – 12.11.2013
    Yuengling Light x 3
    Jack Daniels
    A Christmas Story
    Our regularly scheduled Annex Tweetup turned into Brad and I sitting at the Winking Lizard catching up.  It was a bummer to not see the regular crowd, but Brad and I had a blast.  We took THIS epic pic when we realized we were sitting in the same spot, drinking the same shot a year almost to the day later.  
  5. Danny Boy’s – 12.12.2013
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale x 3
    Took the kids to Lake Farmpark for Country Lights and then dinner at Danny Boy’s afterword.  Had a couple of Christmas Ales on tap along with a SILLY pirogi pizza.  SO worth the carbs that I was trying to stay away from.  
  6. Home Sweet Home – 12.14.2013
    Jack Daniels
    Doing some party prep for a big family get together tomorrow… Just one tiny one with dinner.
  7. Home Sweet Home – 12.15.2013
    Jack Daniels x 2
    The big family get together with over 20 people.  We had so much food it wasn’t even funny. That said, I was so busy that I didn’t really eat a ton and just kind of kept sipping on my JD over ice. I can’t say that I ever really “finished” a full drink but rather just sort of refilled through the night.  Guessing it came out to about 2 full drinks. 
  8. Harry Buffalo / Lizardville – 12.19.2013
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale / Old Forester Birthday Release
    The night started out with my department’s company Christmas party at the Harry Buffalo.  We rented out the entire top floor of the Buffalo and had food, prizes, etc. Was great to spend some “down time” with my co-workers. Christmas Ale on draft is glorious.
    From there, I headed to a SCEPTA Dad’s Outing at Lizardville.  Ran into a buddy of mine from high school (@RickRocksWine) who’s also a big whiskey fan and he introduced me to Old Forester Birthday Release… divine. 
  9. In-Law’s Place – 12.24.2013
    Gentleman Jack / Old Grand-Dad Bourbon / Cabernet
    After Christmas Eve mass, we headed to the in-law’s house for our traditional Christmas Even dinner.  Before dinner that included the tail end of a Gentleman Jack bottle. During dinner I had a glass of Cabernet (can’t for the life of me remember which brand) and I followed that up during present opening with a finger (or two) of Old Grand-Dad which I’d never had before. I had to water it down TWICE. I didn’t realize it before I poured it, but Grand-Dad is 100 proof where JD is in the 80’s. Disaster averted.
  10. In-Law’s / Folks’ Place – 12.25.2013
    Cabernet / Perfect Manhattan
    Christmas day was outstanding this year. Started out at home opening presents with the boys. MAN did they clean up this year!  At 7 & 5 this is their Christmas wheelhouse for sure. Headed to the in-laws for a lunch and to celebrate with brother-in-law & family.  Back to the Cabernet for lunch. Dinner was at my folks place where Dad and I always go with our version of The Perfect Manhattan which is simply… perfect. Another glass of Cabernet finished off the night. 
  11. Taza / Burntwood Tavern – 12.26.2013
    Cabernet Sauvignon / Great Lakes Christmas Ale
    The day after Christmas and the hits continue. Went to dinner with my brother / sister in-law and 3 other couples.  Started out at Taza (an outstanding Lebanese grill) where we had several bottles of Cab for the table. After dinner, we took the party to Burntwood Tavern in Chagrin where I knocked back a couple of Christmas Ales on tap. 3 nights in a row… yikes. And I’ve got another on tap for tonight. 
  12. The Annex – 12.27.2013
    Miller Lite / Jack Daniels
    I’m simply SHOCKED that it took me until the 27th of the month to get to the Annex, but with the monthly Annex Tweetup being cancelled that’s exactly what happened.  In fact, THIS night nearly dind’t happen as it was a last minute invite from my neigbor. A couple of Miller Lites and a single shot of JD.   
  13. Mavis Winkles (Twinsburg) – 12.28.2013
    Guiness / Harp / Smithwick’s / Angry Orchard
    At first glance this looks like a lot, but it really wasn’t.  We took the kids to Mavis for dinner and they had something on the menu called The Taste Of Ireland.  Essentially it was a flight of four 6 oz pours.  It was glorious
  14. Chagrin Valley Country Club / Al’s House – 12.31.2013
    Jack Daniels / Canadian Club / Miller Lite
    We went to my folks’ club for dinner and a New Year’s Eve celebration. They put on a great event complete with a ball drop / countdown at 9:00 PM which is perfect for the kids.  Had a couple of Jack’s on the rocks with olives which is my drink of choice.  On our way home we got a text from Jenny & Erik asking if we wanted to come over and ring in 2014 with them and their girls. This was the first time the boys stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Had a CC on the rocks with Erik and finished out the year with a Miller Lite.  

This is the first time I’ve done one of these posts and it was during the holidays.  14 out of 31 days (45.16%) to be drinking seems like a lot, but I can honestly say that I don’t think I overdid it with the possible exception of the night after Christmas hanging out with Marko and friends.  Will be interesting next month to look back and compare.

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