Down a single pound today, which is good. Though based on what I ate and drank yesterday it has to be an abomination. Ran across this quote today and it’s super relevant… Yesterday’s food and beverage intake is as follows: Breakfast: quiche, chicken thigh Lunch: Chinese vegetables Snack: Burger King bacon double cheeseburger x 2 Continue reading “”

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It’s been a while… a long while actually since I’ve done any sort of blogging here. If you’re a long time follower of my stuff you’ll notice that I’ve got a new look / feel for the site this morning. I was going for something that’s super readable and accessible. Hopefully you like it. Yesterday Continue reading “”

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I’m headed in the wrong direction. Had a rough weekend from an eating and especially drinking perspective. Didn’t weigh myself this morning (or did I?) but the last time I stepped on the scale I was 245.5. I’ve also gone away, after only a couple of days, from my ‘No Fast Food’ thing. Not that Continue reading “”

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Well, the title of this post isn’t entirely accurate as this is ‘technically’ day two for me on this new plan. That being said, I’m back here, again, writing one of these posts where I feel like I’m starting over. Last week was crazy for me where I was out of the house every week. Continue reading “”

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I’ve often told a story that reminds me of this sign. I realized a couple of years back that my ‘goal weight’ was the weight I’ve got listed on my driver’s license. That’s not a good thing seeing as the weight on there hasn’t been updated in probably a decade… maybe more. All jokes aside, Continue reading “”

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Here’s my reality. I don’t do moderation. This past “weekend” was the 4th of July. I say weekend in quotes because the 4th fell on a Wednesday which means I had to work on the 3rd and really only had one day off. As you can see from today’s number, that didn’t slow me down. Continue reading “”

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Starting a new thing today. I’m a huge fan of memes so unless there’s a reason for a specific image with my daily post I’ll be sharing memes. I’ve always been looking for a good place to archive funny memes and with my renewed interest in my health journey and by extension this blog it’s Continue reading “”

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