Riddle Me This Fatman

Riddle Me This Fatman…

Riddle Me This FatmanThings have been absolutely crazy lately hence my lack of posting. We’re in the midst of moving so we’ve been staying with my in-laws since mid-October. My scale is packed away and will be retrieved when we move into our new home 12/16 ish. That said, I haven’t been weighing myself since mid-October as I like to be consistent with the scale I’m using.

I can only imagine what the number would be if I were to step on that scale today. Since living at the in-laws I haven’t been eating bad necessarily, but I haven’t been eating good either. Not only that, but November / December are prime drinking months from a work / social perspective. So… between the fact that I’ve been not really worrying about what I’m eating, been snacking on pretzels and other carbs that my father-in-law has around the house and drinking more than normal I’ve come to a simple conclustion without even stepping on the scale… I’m fat.

Starting today (yes, I know I’ve said it before) I’m severely cutting carbs. Last night I could tell my blood pressure was running high. Wife told me I’m puffed and she can see the fat around my neck / belly. I’ve been “dizzy” for the last couple of days though I think I can probably attribute most / some of that to sinus issues that are ongoing.

It’s time… The goal was 220 by December. I don’t have my scale to verify, but I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t get there. Need to shift the goal (and focus) out a bit. Goal is now 220 by WrestleMania 31 which is 102 days away as of this post. Go time.

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