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Behind The Bar For December 2014

JD Single BarrelI love beer. Love it. And whiskey. Cause whiskey is awesome.  Hell, come to think of it, I’m a big fan of most liquid libations. I started a project last year where I kept track of  the amount and frequency of my drinking.  I’m calling that project “Behind The Bar”. This post will be updated during the month of December 2014 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.  Stay tuned!

  1. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 12.2.2014
    Brooklyn Blast!, Sixth Day & 471 Small Batch IPA
    Went to dinner with A, the boys & Larry/Kathi who then took the boys home while we went to Lowe’s to look for light fixtures & ceiling fans.
  2. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 12.3.2014
    Beer x 3 plus 1 “A Christmas Story”
    Went out for a couple of drinks with the boys – me, Brad & Casey. Always a good time and Brad and I did our 3rd annual “A Christmas Story” shot.
  3. Smith House – 12.5.2014
    Gentleman Jack
    Vaction day from work. Spent the entire day at Panera working freelance. Took boys to Fun N’ Stuff for a Cub Scout evening. Sick as a dog all day and went home and tried to drown the flu in whiskey.
  4. Smith House – 12.6.2014
    Knob Creek
    Flu / cold day #2. Basketball in the AM for C. Went home to try to get some rest. Finished night with whiskey. Maybe starting to feel a little better.
  5. Smith House – 12.9.2014
    Knob Creek
    Brutal night at Cub Scouts. Kids were ALL crazy and my two were right there with the ring leaders.
  6. The Annex – 12.10.2014
    Miller Lite, Patron
    Monthly night at the Annex. Always a good time with friends and got to see some folks I hadn’t seen in a while. Didn’t drink much at all… home before midnight.
  7. Corner Alley – 12.11.2014
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale, 12 Dogs Of Christmas
    Had our company / department holiday party today after work. Gift exchange (which I didn’t participate in), heavy appetizers and an open bar. Win.
  8. Macaroni Grill (Akron) – 12.13.2014
    Jack Daniel’s
    G had a birthday party in Akron from 4:45 till 6:45 so we good C & L to dinner at Macaroni Grill. Just had one whiskey to go with dinner.
  9. Quicken Loans Arena – WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs – 12.14.2014
    Miller Lite 
    Marko and I went to TLC! Had pretty nice seats and got to see some CRAZY spots.
  10. Smith House – 12.16.2014
    E&J Brandy
    Made some flank steak tonight to be eaten on Thursday. Didn’t have my cooking whiskey as I couldn’t find it in all the boxes so I raided Kathi’s liquor cabinet. Found E&J in the back… it was actually quite tasty.
  11. Lincoln Tap House / Quicken Loans Arena – Cavs vs. Hawks – 12.17.2014
    Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale / Miller Lite
    Marko and I went to the Cavs game tonight. We ate dinner at the Lincoln Tap House before the game and I had 2 Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ales… yummy. A couple of Miller Lites during the game ended off the night where the Cavs got DESTROYED.
  12. Smith House – 12.24.2014
    Knob Creek x 2
    Christmas Eve dinner and church has become the tradition. After 4:00 mass we came home, ate dinner and opened gifts. Merry Christmas!
  13. Mom & Dad’s – 12.25.2014
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Christmas Day at my folks house is always awesome. Opened gifts with the family and had a couple of drinks throughout the day. Merry Christmas!
  14. Mom & Dad’s – 12.29.2014
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Went to Mom & Dad’s for dinner – pierogi & red trout was AMAZING!
  15. Smith House – 12.26.2014
    Honey Brown
    Honey Brown with dinner – been quite some time since I’ve had one and I have to say it was VERY good to return to it.
  16. Chagrin Valley Country Club – 12.31.2014
    Jack Daniel’s / Great Lakes Christmas Ale / Champagne
    Went to the club to celebrate New Year’s Eve where they’ve got a DJ and ball drop for the kids around 9. A few drinks throughout the night and some champagne at midnight. Happy New Year!

NOTE: Looking back I think this may be on the low side. I have a feeling I may have missed one or two days. Nothing crazy, probably a beer or two, but wanted to point it out.

16 out of 31 days (51.61%)

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