Back In The Saddle

232 – Back In The Saddle & Upping Accountability

Back In The SaddleIt’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything here on the blog… and boy can I tell.  The last time I weighed in here on the site I was 230 pounds. Then we moved, and I fell back into some bad habbits.  I’d actually managed to get down to 229.5 since we’ve been in our house, but beer and more bad eating got me back up to 235 which I never like to see…

This AM I was back down to 232 and I’ve really got to make some changes. I’ve been saying this for years and I can’t even begin to tell you how sick of failure I am.

I’ve updated the site here with a new look and feel and I’m hoping that with a new year will come some new positive changes. I’ve also created a Facebook page for the site – the more eyes that are on my journey the better.  Feel free to head over to and “like” me there.  And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @PrimeVerdict.

All of that said… the reality of the situation is that a new look and feel for the site, a new Facebook page and a Twitter account aren’t going to change dick. Hell, I stopped at McDonalds on the way to work this AM and got 3 Sausage McMuffins. This practice absolutely, positively has to stop. NOW.

The goal at this point… 220. Once (not if) I get there, I’ll feel much better and be ready to set a new goal.  Ultimately I’d like to get to be below 200 but that’s a long road. I’m going to take it one step, one pound at a time.

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