234.0 – That’s More Like It

Don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but Amanda’s starting to freak me out a bit when she’s looking at my size.  A couple of weekends back, we went to a wedding and trying to get my neck into a shirt & tie is always a treat.  She’s saying (and she would know) that my neck is bigger than she can ever remember.  As we all know, neck fat and belly fat are pretty much the two WORST places you can carry extra weight… so this naturally has me scared.

The number was good this morning despite a night of drinking with the boys.  That said, only had I think 3 beers and 10 wings (with extra celery) at Quaker Steak & Lube which is simply amazing.  Need to look into getting back into the gym.  I don’t necessarily want to pay to reactivate my gym membership but I need to get some more physical activity in and that’s just about the only place I do it.

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