March 2021 Behind the Bar

Tacos Mexicanos BeerYes… I realize that in a previous post I’d said that I was permanently retiring the Behind the Bar feature here on the site. Well, as I move forward in my weight loss journey I’m realizing (finally) that there’s a HUGE correlation between how much I drink and how much I weigh (duh). And since I’m not ready to give up drinking (yet) I figured it’ll be good to continue to track.

This post will be updated during the month of March 2021 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Home – 3.1.2020
    Larceny x2
    Chill evening after a long weekend.
  2. Home – 3.2.2021
    Miller Lite x2, Jack Daniel’s x2
    Two beers with dinner and two drinks while I was doing some work before calling it a night.
  3. Sirna’s – 3.3.2021
    Jack Daniel’s, Labatt x3
    Dinner meeting with some colleagues at Sirna’s where they have an incredible ribeye dinner for like $16. Can’t beat it.
  4. El Chile Bravo – 3.4.2021
    Tequila x2, Dos Equis, Miller Lite x2
    Standard Thursday night out with the boys. That’s sort of a problem from a weight loss perspective.
  5. Home – 3.5.2021
    Larceny x2
  6. Home – 3.6.2021
    Larceny x2
  7. Sugar Shack at Peek’n Peak Resort – 3.7.2021
    Miller Lite x2
    After a long day of skiing with the family these beers were EARNED. It’s Miller Time.
  8. Home – 3.8.2021
    Buffalo Trace x2
    Home after a weekend of skiing. Back to the grind of taking people to practice, etc. Back to work tomorrow. 
  9. The Basement – 3.9.2021
    Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite x4
    Went to The Basement with some colleagues after a meeting. Great night.
  10. Home – 3.10.2021
    Buffalo Trace x2
  11. Home – 3.11.2021
    Buffalo Trace x2
  12. Home – 3.12.2021
    Angel’s Envy x2
  13. Home – 3.13.2021
    Miller Lite x3, Angel’s Envy x2
  14. Home – 3.14.2021
    Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s x2, Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum x2
    No real reason to get drunk on a Sunday, but that’s what I did. Sunday Funday!
  15. Home – 3.15.2021
    Larceny x2
  16. Home – 3.16.2021
    Larceny x2
  17. Home – 3.17.2021
    Miller Lite x2, Jack Daniel’s
    St. Patrick’s Day at home – made corned beef for dinner in the crockpot. Yum!
  18. El Chile Bravo – 3.18.2021
    Dos Equis, Miller Lite x2, Avion Tequila
  19. Home – 3.19.2021
    Larceny x2
  20. Home – 3.20.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
  21. Home – 3.21.2021
    Miller Lite x2, Jack Daniel’s x2
    Sitting at home watching a WWE PPV on a Sunday night is always enjoyable. Decent show too.
  22. The Basement – 3.23.2021
    Labatt, Miller Lite x2, Jack Daniels
    Went to The Basement with some colleagues after a meeting. Ended up staying till about midnight, playing trivia which was really fun.
  23. Home – 3.24.2021
    Larceny x2
    Had the family over to celebrate my son’t birthday (tomorrow). Was a BEAUTIFUL evening so we even got to sit outside on the patio.
  24. Home – 3.25.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
  25. Home – 3.26.2021
  26. Scott’s House – 3.27.2021
    Miller Lite x 6, Larceny
    Went to Scott’s house to watch Stipe vs. Francis UFC.
  27. Home – 3.28.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
  28. Hocking Hills Cabin – 3.29.2021
    Miller Lite x6
    Spring Break with the family – absolutely awesome trip
  29. Hocking Hills Cabin – 3.30.2021
    Miller Lite x6, Rabbit Hole Cavehill
  30. Hocking Hills Cabin – 3.31.2021
    Miller Lite x6, Rabbit Hole Cavehill

30 out of 31 days (96.77%)

How does this compare to previous years?

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