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April 2021 Behind the Bar

Avion Tequila at El Chile BravoI said in the previous month’s Behind the Bar entry that I’m realizing that there’s a HUGE correlation between how much I drink and how much I weigh. And then I proceeded to drink nearly every… single… day… during the month. You’d think I would be able to get my shit under control.

And even with ALL that drinking, I can honestly say that I don’t think I was ‘drunk’ more than once during the month (no, I didn’t drive). WrestleMania is this month which is always a big drinking event, but I’d like to see myself tone it down this month… really need to start making some progress with weight and even though I’m going KETO this month where bourbon is allowed, I’ve got to think that the combination of eating well and NOT drinking will be very good for me.

This post will be updated during the month of April 2021 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Home – 4.1.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
    Home after a long week of Spring Break (which was awesome). Chill evening watching a movie with the family.
  2. In-Laws – 4.2.2021
    Gentleman Jack x2
    Went to my in-laws house Good Friday Easter dinner. Was great to be able to eat a meal with them and my brother in-law’s family
  3. Home – 4.3.2021
    Larceny x2
  4. Parent’s House – 4.4.2021
    Perfect Manhattan x3
    Parent’s house for Easter dinner. Was awesome to be able to eat a meal inside with them and my brother’s family. So glad my folks are vaccinated!
  5. Home – 4.5.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
    First night of the carnivore diet. Not really supposed to drink I imagine. Sticking just to booze. No beer at least until WrestleMania this weekend. That’s when diet will really kick into gear (Monday)
  6. Home – 4.6.2021
    Jack Daniel’s x2
    Getting into the mood of WrestleMania week going through the Peacock app.

? out of 30 days (??.??%)

How does this compare to previous years?

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