70 Pounds Wow

70 LbsI’ve got 70 lbs to lose. I can’t believe that’s real but the reality is this… for the first time in my life I stepped on the scale and I saw the dreaded number that I’ve been fearing for decades now: 2-5-0

Back when I wrote the post about how I was Retiring the ‘Behind The Bar’ I was cautiously optimistic. I’d just seen a buddy lose a considerable amount of weight on keto and I was pumped up to start my journey.

And then the wheels fell off. I think the reality is that since then I’ve probably had two, maybe three nights where I DIDN’T have a drink. And I’m not just talking one drink… I’m talking two drinks that are three to four fingers a piece (or five or six beers).

The reality is I’m drinking WAY too much and I’m eating WAY too much.

And now… my blood pressure is through the roof and quite frankly I’m scared.

I need to fix this now. There’s no more time to wait. My wife and kids are going to be without a husband and father if I don’t.

I’ve always had 200 as my goal. I’m realizing that that’s not enough. I need to be 180. It’s time.

I need to put a plan in place and get going.

I’m going for a walk… I’ll check back later.

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