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Behind The Bar For March 2016

Hoppin Frog Mean ManalishiThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of March 2016 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Lincoln Tap House – 3.4.2016
    Founders Dirty Bastard x2 – Jack Daniel’s
    Happy hour at the tap house before the Cavaliers game with the family. Great way to start off the weekend.
  2. Home – 3.5.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    Movie night at home.
  3. Home – 3.6.2016
    Jack Daniel’s x2
    Another night at home. Cooked dinner with the wife and another during cleanup. Tremendous.
  4. Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 3.8.2016
    Ommegang Rosetta Kriek / Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA
    Went to dinner at the Lizard with the family. Wife took the older boys to their first concert and I took the little guy home so just two beers for me. Gotta stay safe while driving!
  5. Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 3.9.2016
    Fat Head’s Hop Juju / Heavy Seas Cutlass Supreme / Thirsty Dog Irish Setter Red Ale / Miller Lite
    Back at the Lizard for a night out. A few beers with lots of water thrown in for good measure.
  6. Lincoln Tap House / Mavis Winkle’s – 3.11.2016
    Dirty Bastard / Jack Daniel’s / Miller Lite / Smithwick’s
    Shot and two beers for Happy Hour and then a beer with dinner at Mavis with the family.
  7. Butcher & The Brewer – 3.14.2016
    Manhattan x 2 / Welcome To The Stage, Amber
    Dinner out with a vendor (Google) and some co-workers.
  8. Lincoln Tap House – 3.17.2016
    Went out for a single beer on St. Patrick’s Day after work. It had to be Guiness.
  9. Barrio / Ruby Tuesday – 3.18.2016
    Cabo Wabo Tequila / Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale x 2 / Yuengling
    Going away happy hour for a co-worker and then dinner with the family at Ruby Tuesday.
  10. Home – 3.19.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    Over ice while relaxing at home after a long day of ice skating at Kent State University.
  11. Home – 3.20.2016
    Miller Lite x 5
    Birthday party for C at home. He wanted hamburgers and hot dogs so I had to stand outside in the 38 degree weather and grill. Beer made it better.
  12. Winking Lizard (Macedonia) – 3.23.2016
    Beers x 5
    Went out to dinner and to watch the Cavs game with the guys from the neighborhood.
  13. Embassy Suites (Pittsburgh Airport) – 3.24.2016
    Jim Beam x 2 / Bud Light
    Took the kids for a quick overnight trip to Pittsburgh to celebrate C’s birthday. Embassy Suites has a happy hour every night in the lobby. Appetizers and open bar? Can’t beat it!
  14. Applebee’s (Pittsburgh) – 3.25.2016
    Miller Lite
    Stopped for dinner on our way out of town so only had one beer as I had to drive home.
  15. Mark’s – 3.26.2016
    Dos Equis Amber / Jack Daniel’s
    Went to Mark’s for Scar’s birthday party. They always have AMAZING food. Today it was a Mexican lasagna. Yum!
  16. In-Law’s – 3.27.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    Went to the in-law’s to celebrate Easter.
  17. Berea Union Depot Taverne – 3.30.2016
    Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
    Met the family for dinner after they’d spent the day at the IX Center Amusement Park.

17 out of 31 days (54.83%)

How does this compare to previous years?

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