Cavs Game, Diet Day 2, etc…

So I went to the Lizard last night to meet up with my buddies…. except for the fact that my buddies weren’t there,  the plan worked great.  Now, in their defense I did get there about an hour after I expected to.  In part due to some stuff going on around the house (my wife Amanda had a NASTY cupcake crave so I headed out to Giant Eagle to take care of that).

We had TWO caves yesterday and it REALLY pisses me off when that happens.  If you don’t know yet (you soon will) I’m incredibly passionate about helping people kick their addiction to smokeless tobacco, dip & chew.  One of the guys that caved yesterday was at day 11… there’s never a good time for a cave, but at 11 days in I can understand why it might happen.  The other guy was 95 days into a quit… there’s NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!  He had it beat.  The nicotine was out of his system and he was free… now he’s back to day 1.

So, in any case.  I was late to the bar, my friends weren’t there and I was pissed.  So, I headed across town to the Annex.  It’s the GREATEST BAR IN THE WORLD!!!  I’ve been going there for about 15 years or so and I just can’t think of a better place to hang out.  I had only 3 Miller Lites and headed home.  Weighed in this AM and I’m down to 233.  I LOVE the weight loss that comes at the beginning of an Atkins diet!

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