April 12, 2021

Atkins Day 1 Dinner…

Split some meatballs with my son tonight.  Also had some salami and some cheese.  Feeling pretty good right now and I’m off to the bar to watch my Cavs beat the Spurs tonight.  It would be AWESOME for the Cavs to bring home a victory…  I’ve got to watch how many beers I drink tonight (on the carb front) and on the driving home front… However, I am in the Winkind Lizard’s beer of the year club.  Gotta drink 100 beers in a year and I win a jacket… it’s a jacket that I’ll probably never wear, but it’s one of those things that once I’ve started I can’t turn back… I think I’ve got about 5-6 done so far… definitely have an uphill climb.

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