My Stupid Brain, My Son’s Stair Surfing, Etc.

So I weighed in at 234 this AM.  Not too bad considering what I ate this weekend.  We had a birthday part for my son yesterday afternoon with some friends & family.  The weather was absolutely incredible!!!  (thank God, cause our air conditioner is on the fritz and it was like 95 on Friday when it was out)

In any case, I’m driving around yesterday afternoon picking up stuff for the party and I drove past Burger King – sure enough I stopped in even though I had $145 worth of food in the car that I’d just picked up for the party – my brain is SO fucking stupid, that I figured since I’d be eating bad at the party, I might as well start early… * dummy *  Throw in about 12 beers that I drank during the party and you can see why I don’t mind being up ONLY a pound from Friday.

So we’re cleaning up after the party last night and IT happened… keep in mind, there were 6 adults in the room, but my son decided it would be a good idea to make THIS the first time that he went down the steps… by himself… with no one watching.  Well, you can imagine how that ended – with him at the bottom of the steps crying and my wife and mother in law WAILING… luckily he’s AOK.

And then there’s the CAVS – what can I say about my boys.  They got blown off the court last night and looked bad doing it.  I’m really just hoping that they can come back home and make a series out of it, but quite frankly, I’m just happy to have them there.

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