Two Weeks Total Recall Feature

268.5 – Day 1 of a Two Week Journey

It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote a blog post here. In that year, I’ve gained 11.5 pounds. That’s why I put my weight at the beginning of every post title. It’s a quick way for me to look back and see where I’ve come from.

Sadly… it’s a really bleak picture. When I started this blog back in June of 2007 I started with this post: I’M FAT… TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. On that morning I weighed 236.5. In those 16 years I’ve gained 32 pounds. The time has come… it has to stop.

I had a realization the other day… I’ve gained 100 pounds since high school. 100 fucking pounds. Now, I’m not saying I need to lose 100 pounds cause my 168 pound frame when I was a swimmer in high school who swam 8 miles a day and didn’t drink is a far cry from where I am today as a 46 year old father of three. That said, as I (correctly) pointed out in December of 2022 I have at least 70 pounds to lose – 70 POUNDS WOW

I’ve been doing a ton of research and watching a ton of videos. I get stuck in these ruts and never actually DO anything about it. Well… that stops today.

Today is DAY 1 of a two week challenge I’m giving myself. Two weeks of NO ALCOHOL and 100% CARNIVORE. I’ve been dabbling with carnivore since April 7th of 2021 – THE FIRST DAYS OF THE CARNIVORE DIET

I had some pretty good success until I had a gout flare up which kicked me off. One thing I’ve never done is completely cut out alcohol. Well, I had a council meeting last night and went out for dinner and drinks afterword. I’d told myself going into that dinner that it was going to be the last drinking I do until my next council meeting – hence the two week challenge.

Honestly… I’m hoping that I feel so good after two weeks that I don’t want to go back to drinking. In my research I’m slowing coming to the realization that there really is no good to come from consuming alcohol – ever. That said I’ve been drinking SO much since the pandemic that it’s clearly affecting me. Weight, sleep, blood pressure, etc.

It’s time.

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