Trying To Fail

241.5 – Failing Miserably

Trying To FailIt really does continue to be bad. And it really does continue to be 100% my fault. I’ve been eating bad. I’ve been drinking too much. I’m not exercising and even though I’ve cut WAY back, I’m still stopping¬†on occasion going to and from work.

I continue to do the same things and I’m expecting different results. I wrote this post about my insanity back on October 7, 2014. Not only am I continuing the same behaviors, but I’m 6 pounds heavier than I was. I’ve accomplished exactly nothing.

I… have… to… change.

And I feel helpless. I’m making excuses for myself and I’m feeling sorry for myself. When I quit dipping I was able to flip that switch, make a change and never look back. I’ve not yet been able to do the same thing when it comes to my weight loss.

I feel lost.

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