Cautiously Optimistic

237.5 – Cautious Optimism?

Cautiously OptimisticSo as I said on Friday, I’m rededicated to my weight loss and this time I’ve got a partner in crime GK. He’s going carb & booze free until the holidays and I’ve committed to going no (low) carb. We’ve started a tradition where we do family movie night once a week and we make our own personal pizzas. Needless to say I didn’t do all that great carb wise that night. I let myself down during dinner last night when I chose a piece of apple pie and ice cream as well, but even after all of that I got on the scale this morning and had a better number than I had on Friday. And that leaves me with cause for optimism. Aside from those two transgressions I was good this weekend.

Potential pitfalls this week are on Wednesday when I’m going out for drinks with a buddy. That typically means beer, wings and popcorn. I’ll skip the popcorn and choose lighter beers if possible.

Clean eating is a daily decision…

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