No Surprise Pizza & Beer

234 – No Surprise After A Weekend Of Pizza & Beer

No Surprise Pizza & BeerGot on the scale this AM and saw a pretty upsetting number of 234.  But if I’m being honest with myself (which is what is all about) this isn’t really a surprise.  Saturday night we went to a SCEPTA party and I had a couple of beers along with dinner (hamburger / no bun with all the fixins).  Sunday, the older 2 boys had a Mom / Son kickball game in the afternoon so me and #3 went to cheer them.  We all got pizza for lunch (1 piece). We then went to my bro’s house for dinner (and WWE Night Of Champions).  We had more pizza for dinner and I had maybe 4 beers throughout the night.

Sadly, I didn’t start of today good as I stopped and got 3 McMuffins on the way to work. Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I REALLY need to learn to look back at this post and specifically this line:

But I was struck by what #1 said to me as I left the house… “Will you be home tonight Dad.”.  As I sat in the ER, all I could think about was wanting to make sure that I was.

I’m in this fight… for life, for my life. Fast food won’t help in any way, shape or form. Gotta make better choices.

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