233.0 – One Bullet Dodged

So yesterday, I mentioned that I had a few weight loss challenges headed my way.  Last night was the night that Amanda and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date (19 years!!!).  It also happened to be the 2nd Wednesday of the month with is the scheduled Annex Bar Tweetup.  However, after soccer was over for the boys, Amanda went shopping for a new TV and by the time we got the kids in bed and ate some crab legs as part of our celebration it was too late to head out to the Annex.  Actually it wasn’t too late but all my friends had left already so sucks to be me.  But I digress.

So the good news is I didn’t ingest one of those heavenly Annex burgers which would clearly have put the number on the scale in a bad place.  2 more hurdles to go:

  1. Tonight with a buddy at the Winking Lizard
  2. This weekend at the open bar wedding


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