234.0 – Challenges Lay Ahead

Being down 4.5 lbs is always a good thing, but I know that I’ve got some weight challenges on the horizon.  This evening for example, I’m going to the Annex for our monthly tweet up.  In all likelihood I won’t be eating there this evening, but even if I stick to say 2 beers (which is unlikely) I’m scared of what the scale will look like in the morning.

Tomorrow night I’ve got a buddy coming into town who I’m going to meet for drink at the Winking Lizard after work.  If it’s like previous trips to the Lizard that will mean wings, beer and popcorn.  Luckily I won’t be drinking too much as I’ve got to be home by 8:00 for the boys as Amanda is going out.

The bigger challenge as I see it is the wedding that I’m going to this weekend.  Amanda’s cousin is getting married and I know I have a tendency to get a little crazy when it comes to an open bar at a wedding.  That being said, one night of drinking at a wedding is FAR better from a weight perspective than what I would have been doing this weekend.

I was originally scheduled to go meet some buddies this weekend.  That would have been BRUTAL for the diet as it would have been 3 full days of eating and drinking with absolutely no regard for the waistline.

I’m hoping that merely blogging about it here will keep it top of mind this weekend and I’ll be able to keep things under control.

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