Frustration Setting In

A month ago I made a huge change in my life… I decided that it was time to lose some weight and get much healthier.  At the time I was eating a bunch of garbage, drinking too much beer and doing essentially nothing physically (other than chasing my kids around).  Since then I’ve been to the gym every week day morning.  I’ve stopped eating the garbage and I’ve cut WAY back on my beer intake.

Right off the bat I dropped 10 lbs.  GREAT!!!  This program is working.  Then I had a bad weekend where I gained a couple of pounds back… oh no, here we go again.  I REFUSE to go back to my old ways.  Stopping at McDonald’s on the way to work to get 4 sausage McMuffins simply isn’t the way to live.

I’m going to keep plugging along cause I figure that being at the gym every morning is a hell of a lot better than being at the drive through.  Just wish I would continue to get the results that I got in the first month.  Not sure what else I should be doing here.  As I said before, this is now just part of my day so there isn’t an option of not getting up to go to the gym.  Sorry for the rambling… just wanted to vent.

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