Wednesday 8/13/08 – 230.0 lbs – 21 lbs To Goal

Well no surprise but the scale was not kind this AM. So of course what do I do? I stop at McDonald’s on the way into work. It’s amazing how STUPID I am. As I’m sitting in the drive through I’m telling myself that I shouldn’t be there… but like an addict there I am.


  • sausage McMuffin with no egg x 4
  • diet Coke



  • Big John from Jimmy John’s (no tomato)
    medium rare shaved roast beef, topped with yummy mayo, lettuce & tomato
  • chips
  • diet Pepsi

It was lunch at the office day today.


  • broiled fish with a vinegar glaze sauce
  • beans with olive oil & garlic
  • couscous

Gotta love my wife for having THIS meal on the plate when I get home… not sure how she does it with the boys running around all day!


  • diet Pepsi (12 oz)
  • handful of peanuts
  • piece of pizza (corner of a Donato’s pizza)
  • strawberry sherbet (fat free)


  • not a workout perse but we did take the boys for a walk.

Aside from the damn McDonald’s in the morning not a bad day. Need to get some sort of regular workout program going. Once or twice a week to the gym just isn’t going to cut it.

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