Wrong Direction

245.5 – Wrong Direction

Wrong Direction

I’m headed in the wrong direction. Had a rough weekend from an eating and especially drinking perspective. Didn’t weigh myself this morning (or did I?) but the last time I stepped on the scale I was 245.5. I’ve also gone away, after only a couple of days, from my ‘No Fast Food’ thing. Not that I’m eating bad cause I’m still not on the carbs, but I’ve found that I have to get something on my way home when I’m headed to an after work meeting.

Sounds a bit like an excuse as I’m typing it out but sounded good at the time.

I’m starting to get a bit worried about the pain I’m having in my ankles and knees. It feels like inflammation based so I’m hoping that it’s just a combo of drinking (which it seems to be worse after) and so much extra weight.

Today was a good day eating wise:

  • Leftover steak for breakfast
  • Chinese veggies, beans, chicken and mushrooms and pepper steak for lunch
  • Two bacon double cheeseburgers (no bun) and one crispy chicken sandwich on way home
  • Steel head trout and peas for dinner
  • Handful of peanuts and a couple of pieces of steak for a snack

That sounds like a lot of food as I type it out, but it’s all clean and very very low in carbs.

Will be interested to see what the scale says tomorrow and how my joints feel.

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