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242.5 – One Day Respite?

Baby Back Baby Back

First off, this image really has nothing to do with today’s entry. I found it the other night and had planned on using it when we went to Chili’s but now that I think about it I don’t think I ever wrote that blog. In any case…

Today was a decent day, maybe. Started out with a good number on the scale.

  • Leftover steak for breakfast and then a egg and cheese wrap at work.
  • Handful of pretzels (no good)
  • Chinese veggies, beans, blackened chicken and pepper chicken for lunch.
  • Two McDoubles and two McChickens on way to swim meet.
  • Jack on the rocks with olives (just one drink).
  • Hot dog, brat, salad, a couple of tater tots and chicken fingers for dinner.

Wondering if that was just slightly too bad for the day to pop a good number tomorrow. Worried that it wasn’t quite good enough for today.

Tomorrow is a big day – 13 years dip free. I plan on going out to The Annex tomorrow for a burger (no bun) and some drinks.

Taking it one day at a time… committed to not only the journey but to blogging about it.

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