November Nine

241.5 – The November Nine

November NineThe Wife has been telling me for quite some time that I need to have a plan. I need to have goals. I need to have something concrete in place.

She’s absolutely right.

If you look back at recent posts the lowest I’ve been is 237. Today I’m 241 (Yesterday to be exact… I didn’t get on the scale today). You’ve got to go all the way back to February to find a time when I was in the low 230’s (233 – That’s Better). This is unacceptable. I’m on the north side of 40 at this point and I’m not getting any younger. All of that said, it’s time for action.

The November Nine

My goal this month is to lose nine pounds. That means, but December 1st I need to weight in at 232.5. I’ll tackle December when I get there. In order to do that I’ve got the following rules in place for myself:

  1. No fast food. The possible exception to this is Subway.
  2. Salads for lunch during the week.
  3. Limit alcohol consumption. Will probably need to further clarify this one in December.
  4. Limit carbs. Another one that will need further clarification.

So far I’m doing OK. Yes, I know it’s only the 2nd but I’ve not had fast food. I did have carbs for lunch yesterday (catered lunch for work) but I’m headed to lunch now.

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