No Fast Food

239.5 – No Fast Food

No Fast FoodThis is really what it boils down to.

No. Fast. Food.

It can’t be a once a day thing. It can’t be a once a week thing. Once a month? Maybe but even that it’s probably too much (at least until I get to my goal weight). Today is day two. Tomorrow will be day three. It’s NOT an easy thing. I’m so conditioned to stop into McDonald’s for a McMuffin (or three) or to stop at Wendy’s (or Burger King, or Taco Bell, or McDonald’s again) on the way home for burgers, etc.

I fool myself into thinking that if I don’t eat the bun I’m doing OK. That’s not true. I suppose it would be “more” true if I was going 100% carb free but I’m not doing that either.

I’m not going to cut out alcohol. Since I won’t I need to make some other change. Fast food is it.

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