Red Solos at The Annex

Behind The Bar December 2016

Red Solos at The AnnexThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month.

This post will be updated during the month of December 2016 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Yours Truly – 12.1.2016
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale
    Went to dinner at Yours Truly before boarding the Polar Express. We had a great time at dinner (in-laws went with us) as well as on the train. I took my flask with me but I didn’t even take a sip. Just one beer with dinner.
  2. Mark’s – 12.4.2016
    Jolly Traveler, Holly Jolly, Beer For Breakfast, Jack Daniel’s
    Went to Mark’s for Sunday dinner and to watch WWE TLC.
  3. Fox & Hound – 12.7.2016
    Sam Adams Winter Lager, Great Lakes Christmas Ale
    Went to Fox & Hound for a networking event after work.
  4. The Corner Alley – 12.10.2016
    Christmas Ale x 4
    Today was the annual Twinsburg day at the Q. I got to coach the boys on the Cavs court (!) and then we went to The Corner Alley for several hours before heading back to the Q for the Cavs game that night. During halftime the boys got to go back on the court and welcome the players back.
  5. Cibreo Italian Kitchen – 12.11.2016
    Red Wine x 2
    Went to Cibreo for dinner with the in-laws before heading the State Theater to see Straight No Chaser!
  6. Winking Lizard – 12.14.2016
    Beer x 4
    Went to the Winking Lizard to meet up with some quitters. My World Tour is in shambles this year as I’m only about half way done. They updated their POS systems this year and cannot provide a print out which has led to missed beers, etc. Terrible experience this year.
  7. Corner Alley, Butcher and the Brewer – 12.16.2016
    Holly Jolly x 3, Albino Stout x 2
    Corner Alley for my department Christmas party with an after party / dinner at the Butcher and the Brewer. Off work until next year!
  8. Home – 12.18.2016
    Miller High Life x 3
    At home watching WWE Roadblock: End of the Line with the boys.
  9. Danny Boys – 12.19.2016
    Sam Adams Winter Lager
    We went to Great Wolf Lodge for the evening and Danny Boys for dinner. Different location, same great experience.
  10. Quicken Loans Arena, The Annex – 12.22.2016
    Miller Lite x 2, Moosehead x 3, Jack Daniel’s
    Went to the Q for our first ever Monsters hockey game! After that, met some fellas from the neighborhood at The Annex.
  11. Home – 12.23.2016
    Red Wine
    Some wine with dinner and them some more during wrapping presents.
  12. In-Laws – 12.24.2016
    Gentleman Jack, Red Wine
    Went to Christmas Eve mass and then dinner at the in-laws. Jack Daniel’s while opening presents and wine with dinner.
  13. Mom & Dad’s – 12.25.2016
    Perfect Manhattan x 3
    Christmas morning at home with the family and at Mom & Dad’s for dinner and more presents. Merry Christmas!
  14. BW3 – 12.28.2016
    Bud Light x 2
    Took the boys to BW3 for a guys night out as Wife was out with the ladies.
  15. Winking Lizard – 12.29.2016
    Christmas Ale, Jack Daniels, Yuengling Lite
    Went to the Lizard with Grant, Greg & Jeremy. Great group of guys and it’d been too long.
  16. Crumb & Spigot – 12.30.2016
    Scaldis Noel, Christmas Ale
    Went to dinner with Mark, Meg, Phil, Claudia and their neighbors Neil and Jacqueline.
  17. Chagrin Valley Country Club, Home – 12.31.2016
    Jack Daniels x 2, Champagne
    Went to the club to celebrate New Years with the family. They did their traditional ball drop for the kids at 8:00 and we went home to watch the festivities with the older two boys. Happy New Year!

17 out of 31 days (54.84%)

How does this compare to previous years?

December 2015 (14) = 45.16%
December 2014 (16) = 51.61%
December 2013 (14) = 45.16%

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