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Behind The Bar October 2016

Chairman's Reserve RumThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month.

This post will be updated during the month of October 2016 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. BW3 / DeCaro’s – 10.1.2016
    Miller Lite x 2, Great Lakes Oktoberfest x 2
    Took the boys to dinner at BW3 as Mom was out for the evening. Got a text when we got home that DeCaros were having a fire so we joined them.
  2. Pittman’s – 10.6.2016
    Great Lakes Oktoberfest, Summer Shandy, Goose Island Matilda, Great Lakes Steady Rollin Session IPA
    Went to the Pittman’s to watch Game #1 of the ALDS where the Tribe took on the Boston Red Sox. Went through the fridge and created sort of a grab bag.
  3. Lincoln Tap House – 10.7.2016
    3 Floyds Yum Yum, Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s
    Happy hour at the Tap House after a long week. Busy weekend ahead.
  4. Streetsboro  KOA – 10.8.2016
    Miller Lite x 6
    Took the boys camping with the Jamisons. No driving so was able to relax with a few beers around the campfire on a chilly October evening. Great time.
  5. Annex – 10.12.2016
    Genessee x 3, Jack Daniel’s
    Went to the Annex to meet up with some buddies and have a burger. None of my buddies were able to make it and the grill had a grease fire so I couldn’t have a burger. Talk about an epic fail of an evening.
  6. Chili’s Grill & Bar – 10.13.2016
    Yuengling x 2
    Dinner with the family.
  7. Lincoln Tap House – 10.14.2016
    Miller Lite x 2, Jack Daniel’s
    Happy hour after work at the Tap House.
  8. Home – 10.19.2016
    Jack Daniel’s, Wine
    Had an impromptu happy hour out on the culdesac to celebrate the Indians winning the ALCS. World Series starts next Tuesday!
  9. Flannery’s Pub – 10.20.2016
    Smithwick’s x 2
    Went to Flannery’s for dinner with family before the Circus at the Q. Front row seats at the Circus!
  10. Lincoln Tap House – 10.21.2016
    Miller Lite x 2, Jack Daniel’s
    Happy hour at the Tap House.
  11. Danny Boy’s – 10.22.2016
    Yuengling, Miller Lite
    Went to Danny Boy’s for dinner with the Laders and the Coffeys before our annual outing to Lake Farmpark for the Haunted Hayride.
  12. Mom & Dad’s – 10.23.2016
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Family dinner at Mom & Dad’s. Dad was out of Jack Daniel’s so we made them with Maker’s Mark. Yowsa. Very strong. First one with Maker’s, second with Gentleman Jack.
  13. Home – 10.25.2016
    Miller Lite
    Had a drink while watching World Series game 1.
  14. Chinato, Lincoln Tap House – 10.26.2016
    Old Chub Nitro x 2, Labatt Blue
    World Series game 2. Went to Chinato to hang out with Erik & Jenny who were in town for the game. Headed to Tap House on way home. They were out of Miller Lite so I went with Labatt. I don’t know why I ever order that stuff as I can’t stand it.
  15. Lincoln Tap House, Cleveland Zoo – 10.28.2016
    Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s
    A couple of Miller Lites for happy hour at the Tap House and then off to the zoo for Boo at the Zoo with the Gerbasis. Had my flask with me which made for a much more enjoyable evening.
  16. Maggiano’s Little Italy – 10.29.2016
    Red wine x 3, Miller Lite
    Went to dinner with Mom & Dad, Mark & Meg for an adult dinner. Red win with dinner and then home to watch the Tribe in the World Series.
  17. Home – 10.30.2016
    Jack Daniel’s 
    Had a drink while watching the World Series.
  18. Neighborhood – 10.31.2016
    Tequila shot, Miller Lite x 3
    Took the kids trick or treating. One of my neighbors had the awesome idea of passing out candy for the kids and tequila for the adults – how cool! Had a couple of Miller Lites as I passed out candy for the last hour.

18 out of 31 days (58.06%)

How does this compare to previous years?

October 2015 (16) = 51.61%
October 2014 (11) = 35.48%

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