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Behind The Bar For October 2015

Big Ass BeerThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of October 2015 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Lincoln Tap House / Progressive Field – 10.2.2015
    Breckenridge Autumn Ale, Sam Adams OctoberFest, Miller Lite
    Went to happy hour and then the Indians Game with the older boys and Al. Great evening!
  2. Home Sweet Home – 10.4.2015
    Sierra Nevada Kellerweis
    Had in-laws over to watch the Browns game and eat dinner.
  3. Home Sweet Home – 10.7.2015
    Jack Daniel’s
    Rough day at work… whiskey helps.
  4. Beaumont Scout Reservation – 10.10.2015
    Natty Light x 2
    One of the other dads brought a 12 of Natural Light with him. It was very welcomed by everyone there 😉
  5. Mom & Dad’s House – 10.11.2015
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Sunday family dinner was home made pasta and meat balls… and whiskey.
  6. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 10.12.2015
    Beers x 2
    Took the kids to dinner at the Lizard before Cub Scouts.
  7. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 10.14.2015
    Beers x 5
    Went out with the guys for an evening. Getting close to the end of my World Tour – #95!
  8. Corner Alley / Lincoln Tap House – 10.16.2015
    Beers x 5
    Lunch at the Corner Alley with my team. Tap House for beers after work. Great way to start the weekend.
  9. Danny Boy’s – 10.17.2015
    Great Lakes Oktoberfest x 2
    Went to dinner at Danny Boy’s before heading to Lake Farmpark for the Haunted Hayride. Good times.
  10. Home Sweet Home – 10.18.2015
    Miller Lite
    Goes great with pizza.
  11. Chili’s (Macedonia) – 10.19.2015
    Just one with dinner after a long day.
  12. Lincoln Tap House – 10.23.2015
    Neapolitan Milk Stout / Jack Daniels
    A shot and a beer to start the weekend at happy hour. Loving this Stout.
  13. Marko’s House – 10.25.2015
    Jack Daniels
    Went to Mark’s house to celebrate Meagan’s birthday and to watch WWE’s Hell In A Cell.
  14. The North End – 10.28.2015
    White Wine
    Went to dinner with the Wife without the kids after parent teacher conferences. Great dinner, great wine and great company.
  15. Lincoln Tap House – 10.30.2015
    Beer x 2 / Jack Daniels
    Shot and a beer to kick off the weekend at a happy hour with more co-workers than normal. Good times.
  16. Home Sweet Home – 10.31.2015
    Miller Lite / Jack Daniels
    Halloween! Wife took the kids out trick-or-treating and I stayed home and handed out candy. I decided to start a fire in the fire pit at the end of the driveway and just park there. After we put the kids down to bed the neighbors came over for another drink. In retrospect… I was wrecked.

16 out of 31 days (51.61%)

How does this compare to last year? Here’s the breakdown of October 2014 (11) = 35.48%

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