Off the Rails

238.5 – Off The Rails

Off the RailsWell… it’s not quite as bad as it has been. I’ve actually been meaning to write this post for a couple of days now. Things have actually gotten better but they’re still not great. I’m on a good trajectory as of this writing down from 240 plus just a couple of days ago (hence the title of the post). I’ve got quite a few updates to Behind The Bar for September to make and I’ve got to start the October version as well.

I HAVE been doing better in the fast food department (only stopping for breakfast once this week) and haven’t been cheating too terribly much at home either. Weekends are always tough but I’ve been mixing in some longer walks and playing with the boys.

If I’m going back to my 40 by 40 Goal I’m a little bit behind pace. If I’m using August 2015 as my start month I should be losing 3.3 pounds per month which would mean I’d need to be down 6.6 from then. I’m down only 4 pound from that post so I’m 2.6 behind pace.

Time to step up the game!

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