Riding a Wave

239.5 – Riding a Wave of Food Poisoning

Riding a WaveSo Wife and I went on a trip to St. Lucia to celebrate our 40th birthdays and our anniversary (which is later this month). It was an absolutely glorious trip where we got to simply relax and be with one another and not have to play referee for the three boys during breakfast, lunch, dinner and all times in between. We got to go to bed early, get up late, eat and drink whatever we wanted as it was an all-inclusive resort.

That doesn’t sound like it’d be all that conducive to weight loss. And it wasn’t… until we got food poisoning.

The second to last day of our trip (which happened to be Wife’s birthday) I got it. The last day she got it. Let me tell you, traveling across the globe while sick isn’t fun. By the time we got home and I got on the scale I had lost 12 lbs from my pre-trip weight. Naturally most of that went back on pretty quickly as it was water weight but I’m happy to say that I’m seeing at least a little bit of positive traction. I was 245 when I left and as of this AM I’m down to 239.5.

I’ve been really cutting back on the fast food (only once in the last week) and I’m “only” at 11 days out of 23 for drinking this month. Looking at what’s coming up the rest of the month I’m seeing 3 more days where I’ll most likely drink which will put me at 14 for the month which is below August 2014 (I don’t have last year for comparison). It’s also well below last month’s total of 18 days.

These are baby step I realize, but this is what I’ve got to do to make long term progress. The goal of 40 by 40 didn’t take shape but I’m working toward 40 by 41. If I can get there I’ll call that a big fat win.

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