What Are You Waiting For

241.5 – What The Hell Am I Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting ForIt’s time.

It’s been time. It’s been time for a long, long time.

I’m keeping my wife up at night with my snoring. I’m losing this battle. And that stops today.

I had a goal to lose 40 pounds by the time I turned 40 and I failed miserably at that goal. Now I’ve set a new goal to lose that 40 during my 40th year. I’m 27 past my 40th birthday and I need to get my ass in gear and do this.

Naturally I ate terribly this weekend and had way too much beer (neighborhood block party).

It’s time. I need to do this. Today is my 18 year wedding anniversary. I need to do this. For me. For my wife. For my kids. For my heath.

What the hell am I waiting for?

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