Chillwave & Jack Daniel's

Behind The Bar For May 2016

Chillwave & Jack Daniel'sThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of May 2016 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Mark’s – 5.1.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    Went over to Mark’s to watch WWE Payback on the Network. Jack Daniel’s and getting to hang out with my bro while watching wrestling is damn near perfect.
  2. Lincoln Tap House, Mavis Winkles – 5.6.2016
    Chillwave, Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite, Smithwick’s
    Happy hour special.
  3. Mom & Dad’s – 5.8.2016
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Went to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate Mother’s Day. Grilled out on a beautiful evening, drink in hand.
  4. Winking Lizard (Cleveland) – 5.12.2016
    Cream of Wheat, Bell’s Oberon, Sierra Nevada Summer 16
    Went to the Lizard for a couple of drinks with some co-workers after a work event got done. WAY behind on this year’s World Tour. Going to need to kick it into high gear if I’ve got a shot at finishing this year.
  5. Lincoln Tap House – 5.13.2016
    Chillwave, Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite
    Happy hour to start the weekend.
  6. Tizzano’s Party Center – 5.14.2016
    Home Made Wine
    Went to Tizanno’s to celebrate Vivian’s first communion. Some home made Italian wine made for a great afternoon but a bad headache that night.
  7. Hattricks, Malio’s Prime Steakhouse (Tampa)
    Moscow Mule x 2, , Jack Daniel’s, Red Wine
    In Tampa for business. Drinks with vendor at Hattricks and then more wine with dinner.
  8. Tampa Marriot Waterside, Champions Sports Bar
    Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite
    More business related drinking. Happy Hour after my conference at the Marriot with vendors and more beer at Champions watching the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals with another vendor (also from Cleveland).
  9. Ducky’s, Westin
    Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s
    Went to grab dinner with Tami who’d moved from CLE to Tampa. Watched the playoff hockey game at the hotel bar. Looking forward to getting home.
  10. Lincoln Tap House, Neighborhood – 5.20.2016
    Chillwave, Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite, Bell’s Hopslam Ale x 2
    Happy Hour after a long week of traveling. Outside chatting with the neighbors and brought out a 6-pack of Hopslam that Pip brought me during his last trip.
  11. Harvest Kitchen & Lounge (Solon), Freeway Lanes – 5.21.2016
    Vodka Martini, Miller Lite
    Went on our “B” date for alphabet dating. Started out at Harvest for dinner which was, while pricey, outstanding. Followed that up with “B”owling. Great night.
  12. Neighborhood – 5.26.2016
    Bell’s Hopslam Ale
    Finished the last Hopslam this evening chatting with the guys in the culdesac.
  13. Lincoln Tap House, El Chile Bravo, Neighborhood – 5.27.2016
    Chillwave, Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite
    Long afternoon & evening where I ended up getting way more drunk that I’d intended. Went to the Tap House for Happy Hour, then to El Chile Bravo for dinner before having to take G to baseball. After that we went to the neighbors to watch the Cavs game which turned into a very late night. Kids spend the night in the tent as it was their last day of school.
  14. Home – 5.28.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    Sat out on the patio for the first time (because we could) with the wife and had a relaxing few minutes.
  15. Home – 5.29.2016
    Jack Daniel’s
    More patio drinking with the wife. Hoping our landscaping will be done soon.
  16. Mom & Dad’s – 5.30.2016
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Went to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate Memorial Day and Mom’s 70th birthday. Love that they’re so close and that we get to see them so often.

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