238 – What I’m Doing Isn’t Working

FailingIt’s pretty simple. What I’ve been doing isn’t working. Period… end of story.  I’ve been doing better (not great) at not stopping on the way to work for McMuffins. But I’ve been eating like shit at home which isn’t good. Pizza, popcorn in the afternoon at work. I found a new Chinese place at the food court at work, and while it’s fast and much cheaper than my salad it’s noodles and rice… more badness.

I woke up this AM and got on the scale to see 238 staring me in the face. No bueno.

I was listening to a podcast where Henry Rollins was talking about weight lifting. He mentioned something to the affect of how sculpting your body is something you should be proud of. That really resonated with me.

Back to carb cutting 101.

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