Just Stop

234 – Stop. Just STOP Making Bad Decisions

Just StopBeen making some bad decisions lately. It’s evident if you look at my past posts, my past posting record, etc. This is actually pretty simple: When I make bad decisions about what I eat and drink, my weight goes up or stays where it’s at.  Seeing as I need to lose weight, staying steady is esentially a bad thing.

When I quit dipping, I woke up one day and things just “clicked”. I made a decision to stop dipping. I’ve never looked back.  As of today, I’m quit 3,126 days.

I need to do the same thing from a weight loss perspective. I need to make a decision to lose weight, stop making bad decisions, and just DO IT.

This morning I didn’t stop at McDonald’s on the way to work. That’s a good decision.

Today I had a salad at lunch with not a ton of dressing. That’s another good decision.

I’ve got to take it one decision at a time. Once I get a run of good decisions, I can work on one DAY at a time. Until I get there I’m going go back to basics.  All I’m worried about right now is this afternoon / evening’s choices.

Stay tuned…

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