Ups And Downs

230 – The Ups And Downs & The Scale Can’t Be Right

Ups And DownsIt’s been a while since I’ve done any writing here. That’s not to say I haven’t been keeping track and been worried about what’s going on with my waistline. I certainly have.  Since I’ve last written, I’ve been super busy getting ready to move.  I’ve been eating pretty poorly with more than a couple of stops in the AM for McDonald’s and a couple in the evening.

I went to a Browns game for an afternoon not of eating poorly, but of drinking more than I should have. I’m getting older cause that day knocked my ass out something fierce. Definitely can’t bounce back like in the old days.

The number on the scale is weird too. It’s been up and down. Yesterday I was 234. This morning I was 230. And while I didn’t eat bad yesterday, I had a bagel at breakfast and a beer last night.  Not necessarily foods that promote weight loss.  I’m guessing that I’ll get on the scale tomorrow AM and I’ll be back to 233.5 or 234. Not sure if that means I’m actually swinging that much weight from day to day, or if it means my scale is broke.  Either way, I don’t “feel” 230 which tells me that I’m NOT doing what I set out to do which is lose weight.

We’re headed to a pizza / pasta joint tonight for dinner so that’s not going to be a good start to the weekend.  Ugh.

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