Time For Change

237 – I Didn’t Change. But I’m Going To

Time For ChangeThe title of today’s post is in reference to the last post that I put here… Can I Change? Will I Change? I WANT To Change.  As you can see from the title of THIS post, my weight is pretty much right where it has been for too damn long – 237.  I’m going to go back to starting the title of each post with my current weight.  Hopefully I’ll start to see those numbers go down.

A couple of other changes to the blog here this morning.  I’ve changed to a new WordPress theme.  It’s clean, crisp and looks great on a mobile device.  After all, I’m a web developer / geek at heart and this sort of stuff matters to me.

Secondly, I’ve removed the weight progress from the sidebar and put it on a page here: Weight Loss Progress.   There’s quite a bit of data there and it was getting too difficutl to see in the small box it was on.  Not only that, but I’ve addeed the green “trend line” to show just how shitty I’m doing… though eventually it’ll show how GOOD I’m doing.

So I woke up this morning and got on the scale – 237.  *sigh*

Wife had just told me that I should cancel Weight Watchers which I’ve not been using (which I did) and that I should re-commit myself to not going to fast food joints.  I left the house ready to cut carbs and really get this shit done… and promptly stopped at McDonald’s for 3 Sausge McMuffins.  FUCK ME.  So I’m left with a choice… yet again… that needs to be made.

It is VITAL that I lose weight.  I’m sick and tired of feeling the way I do.  I have a terrible self image, hate looking into the mirror, etc. etc. etc.  It’s time for a change.

One day at a time. I fucked up this morning, but I won’t fuck up at lunch or this evening.  I know I’m going to drink beer on Wednesday night with some buddies so I’ve got to make good choices between now and then.  Ready… go.

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