234 – Perplexed. Hidden Carbs Perhaps?

PerplexedHonestly, I’m a bit surprised this AM.  I stepped on the scale and it read 235… just like it did yesterday. I tyically get 3-4 readings and go with the most consistent one. The first 2 were 235, and the next 4 were 234 so I went with that.  That said, I was honestly hoping (expecting) something lower. I didn’t do any cheating yesterday from a carb perspetive (with the exception of 2 bites of left over pizza crust).  Didn’t do any late night snacking either.

Starting today with 3 Sausage McMuffins which puts today behind the 8 ball and pisses me off. I REALLY need to learn to make good decisions after bad decisions.  Making a bad decision and then making another bad one is where things can go bad… quickly.

I’m beginning to wonder just WHERE my hidden carbs are coming from.  Yesterday, I really didn’t each what I thought was a bad carb day. Salad dressing perhaps? Cheese?  Will have to do some digging into the nutritional value of what I’m eating (and stay away from the fucking McDonalds).

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