First Day

233 – The First Day. But Of What?

First DayToday really feels like a Day #1.  But I’m not sure of what. Even after the crazy day I had yesterday I still managed to have a couple of drinks. Now to be fair it was only because I had a team building event in the afternoon, but even still, I went from the ER to the bar stool in less than 8 hours.  Very weird.

The good news is I feel great today, with no skipped heartbeats to speak of.  Today was my work from home day so while I had a bagel this AM I haven’t eaten “bad” today per se as there were no trips to fast food.  I did have a left over piece of pizza at lunch.

Totally rambling right now.  Typically write these in the morning I’m writing this after 7 in the evening so I know today was not a bad day on the eating front.  Still haven’t eaten dinner but I’ll make sure it’s good.

So why does today have a “Day 1” feel to it?  New lease on life? New commitment?  Not sure… but it feels like a new beginning.

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